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Our central heating boilers are equipped with technologically- advanced microprocessor temperature control devices of leading Polish producers. Those high- class appliances are equipped with liquid crystal displays which allow easy operation and programming.

Our offer includes among other things:

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Automation - drivers

Control device SP-18

Device task is an automatic blown-in steering in the central heating boiler and switching on the pumps: circulation, domestic hot water and floor pump in a central heating system. Adjuster cooperates with the boiler screw feeder.

Steering process is carried out through the water temperature control in the central heating boiler.

Adjuster has two modes:

  • Operation mode (when the central heating temperature is lower than set-point)
  • Maintain mode (when the central heating temperature is equal or higher than set-point)

Adjuster enables to maintain the set temperature of domestic hot water as well as keeps the inside temperature of building. Adjuster requires settings change due to fuel diversity and boiler type.

Control device RK-2006LP

The RK-2006LP controller is a device used to control the temperature of the pellet-filled boilers.

The level of the temperature of the boiler is kept at the level set by the user by controlling the blowing fan and the feeding screw or the dosing feeder co-operating with the built-in internal feeder (stoker). The controller makes it possible to control the central heating circulation pump and the domestic hot water pump. The controller also has a function of automatic fuel ignition.

The LCD text display allows a simple, intuitive operation. A wide range of functions allowing programming the parameters of the controller allow a precise adjustment of the parameters of the boiler operation in accordance with the heating system.

The controller is equipped with STB - independent electronic protection of the boiler against overheating.

In order to guarantee a more precise control of the temperature of the heated rooms, the controller has been equipped with an input making it possible to connect any room thermostat with an output switch.

The casing of the controller is adjusted to the standard dimension of 144 x 96 mm.

The controller is adequately equipped with a secured semiconductor temperature sensors.

Control device PŁOMYK

The Płomyk control device is designed for air blow control in fine coal boilers and for switching the circulating pump in central heating installations. The control device has blow-through function that is activated when the temperature exceeds the set value. The adjustable setting of central heating pump switching. The Płomyk control device meets domestic and industrial electromagnetic compatibility standard (CE sign). The control device is characterized by a very easy operation and reliable action.

Technical specification:

  • Temperature adjustment range 35 - 80°C
  • Temperature measurement range 0 - 99°C
  • Temperature that activates circulating pump is adjustable in the range of 10 - 70°C
  • Blow-through control: 0 - 90 sec., break 1 -15 min
  • Possibility of complete blow-through switching off P - 0
  • Fluent blow adjustment
  • Operation at surrounding temperature of 0 - 40°C
  • Power supply ~230V/50Hz
  • Acceptable outputs loading: - blow max 100W - circulating pump max 100W
  • Adjustable power (revolutions) of the blower expressed in [%] from 30% to100%
  • Range of automatic power switch of the blower before the demanded temperature is obtained: 2 to 10°C
  • Relative air humidity 95%
  • IP protection level 40
  • Isolation class I
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth) 125x75x50mm
  • Electric protection 1,25 A

Control device SALUS 091FL

Programmable electronic room thermostat - weekly.
  • Energy saving up to 30%
  • Possibility to adjust temperature up and down
  • Reliable and easy operation
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Set the temperature at 0.2 ° C
  • Has the 9 independent programs
  • 3 levels of heat - day, night and frost
  • Change the hysteresis

Control device SALUS 091FLRF

Wireless radio electronic programmable room thermostat - weekly.
  • Has all functions in the 091FL
  • Integrated control and practical base for comfort and functionality
  • Working at a frequency of 868MHz, provides a very stable and resistant to signal interference
  • Easy communication code with switches
  • Range up to 60m in open space

Automation - burners


STANDARD burner - the burner adapted for the combustion of eco-peas, coal dust and biomass admixtures. It consists of a screw conveyor and a retort furnace. Thanks to the screw conveyor the fuel is automatically transported to the cast-iron retort. In the retort takes place the combustion process with the help of the air which is blown in by the blowing fan.

This burner is used as standard in boilers

CAST-IRON burner

CAST-IRON burner - a solid-fuel burner with a new-generation screw conveyor is a solution making it possible to use a wide variety of fuels in the freeflowing form and in the granulate form from 0-32 mm. The main fuel is coal of grain size of 0-32 mm (from coal dusts to peas). Using cast iron helps to reduce the loudness of the work of the conveyor and has less of a tendency to transfer vibrations to the other parts of the boiler. Cast iron is non-sensitive to deformation caused by temperature, which is important in the case of the conveyor which heats up very much during lowering the fuel in the furnace.

This burner is optionally used in boilers.

GUTTER burner

GUTTER burner - is a burner designed for burning all kinds of fuel such as coal dust, eco-peas, pellet and oats. It is characterized by the fact that the furnace and the deflector are made of ductile cast iron which is of a very high quality.

This burner is optionally used in boilers.