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Auto solid fuel boilers


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ORION - boilers with automatics (25 kW)


ORION central heating boilers are modern heating appliances equipped with automatic fuel feeding system and air dosing system for combustion. The whole facility is complemented with the fuel tank and temperature control device. Thanks to the application of modern retort burner with wide operating range (25 - 100%), the most economic constant system combustion has been obtained.

The fuel transport from the tank to the retort burner is carried out by means of the feeding screw. The heat exchanger is made of a high class boiler steel which guarantees long durability.

The advantage of ORION central heating boilers is a small hearth, so called retort hearth of a high efficiency. The characteristic feature of ORION central heating boilers is low emission of harmful compounds, achieved due to smoke-free fuel combustion.

Additional recovery of heat contained in fumes is obtained thanks to the special construction of pipe heat exchanger which guarantees high efficiency of the appliance.

In comparison to standard coal combustion processes, the technology which uses retort burners significantly reduces fuel consumption and restricts nitric monoxide and carbon dioxide emission. In consequence, less energy is used and costs are reduced. In comparison with central heating boilers fired for example with heating oil, the savings throughout the year may reach the 1:3 rate in favor of solid fuels.

Combusted fuel from the burner:


fine coal

/ pellet

/ oat

Grilled fuel burned:





Detailed list Technical specifications of ORION
Rated power kW 25
Power range kW 10 - 30
Heating area 82 - 250
Thermal efficiency % =>82 - 86
Maximum water temperature °C 80
Minimum temperature of return °C 55
Maximum working pressure Bar 1,5
Space of heated up room 80
- small coa
- retopal
- eco-pea coal
- anthracite
- for combustion
20 - 24
26 - 29
pellets, scraps, cereals
origin fuel 60/40 (60% coal)
Fuel consumption at rated power kg/h 4,5 - 5,5
Filling up hopper capacity kg 150
Required burnt gas draught Pa 20-25
Chimney hole diameter cm² 330
Height of chimney m 6
Water storage capacity dm³ 116
Flue diameter mm 160
Diameter of supply and return connecting pipe cal GZ 2"
Overall dimensions:
- width D
- height H
- depth G
- height F


Overall weight without water:
- netto
- transport weight (with box and pallet)
Weight of components:
- exchanger (without casing and toor)
- exchanger casing
- burner
- filling up hopper


Power consumption W 80
Supply voltage V 230
Capacity l 150


Device task is an automatic blown-in steering in the central heating boiler and switching on the pumps: circulation, domestic hot water and floor pump in a central heating system. Adjuster cooperates with the boiler screw feeder.

Steering process is carried out through the water temperature control in the central heating boiler.

Adjuster has two modes:

  • Operation mode (when the central heating temperature is lower than set-point)
  • Maintain mode (when the central heating temperature is equal or higher than set-point)

Adjuster enables to maintain the set temperature of domestic hot water as well as keeps the inside temperature of building. Adjuster requires settings change due to fuel diversity and boiler type.

Boiler configurations

In the advanced boiler configuration we offer a few options:

  • we offer a selection of the location of the feeder from the left-hand / right-hand side of the boiler
  • we offer a selection of opening the door to the left / to the right
  • we offer a selection of the diameter and kind of power and return connectors
  • we offer a selection of the location of the power and return connectors
  • we offer a selection of the shape and location of the boiler flue, e.g. elbow to the left, to the top etc.

1. The output of the flue
from the back
shifted to the left.

2. The output of the flue
from the back
in the middle.

3. The output of the flue
from the back
shifted to the right.

4. The output of the flue
from the back
(the elbow to the left).

5. The output of the flue
from the back
(the elbow to the right).

The shape of the flue

The shape of the flue can be selected in accordance with the customer’s expectations. We offer the circular shape / the square shape / the rectangular shape.

Paint color

We offer you a painting of a boiler in one of three selected colors: green / red / blue .